Feeling accomplished

I’ve been walking 4-5 times per week, on average 3.5 miles per walk. I try and average A 15-16 minute mile and am having decent success hitting hose numbers. 

Today, one of my staff, you know the guy who runs 5+ miles without blinking, asked me when I was gong to start running. I laughed and joked that I wasn’t ready. It did get me thinking though and once I got to the track I decided to walk half and run half.  

Amazingly, I didn’t die.

I averaged 14.22 per mile for 3.78 miles. Slightly misleading because the first and last 3/4 miles are rough main roads and I’m constantly dodging cars and people.

I marked off what a 5k would have been and given its the first day of running, it’s fairly decent.  Overall, I feel good, I don’t hurt, and that’s an accomplishment. 


Feeling accomplished