hitting the mark

Today I weighed in at 246, that’s 100 pounds down from my max weight.

I love my decision to have this surgery.  The only thing I would change is when I had it done.  I went a number of years ago but just wasn’t ready mentally for it, plus I was listening to others when I should of been listening to myself.

I am and will always be a food addict.  This surgery has given me such a better relationship with and better understanding of food; those insights make this so much easier.  I know what I can and can’t eat, what my trigger foods are (things I want to eat endless amounts of), and how to best plan my day because we (WLS people) need to make choices about what we eat every meal of every day.

Also, that puts me 6 pounds ( ok, lets call it 10 to be safe) away from one of my ultimate goals. Lets go!

hitting the mark